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So impressive how the biggest Designer left Middle East and switched their production to Eastern Europe. If you look at the label, do not be surprised if you read “made in Bulgaria”. I have heard, that Bulgaria started again to produce items for the biggest world brands since 2012. Thus, the brave Bulgarian tailors stood against 12 million Chinese who work in this sphere…

I wish so much to expand my tailoring business in Eastern Europe as well. The taxes and labor costs there are extremely low. Furthermore, if I find an Eastern European producer, I would not need to wait for the goods to be delivered in 10 weeks like the case of goods from Asia. Additionally, a friend of mine told me that the country, as an young European country, is very friendly for launching a new business, without any complicated bureaucratical norms. Is that true?

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My dear, I would strongly recommend you Bulgaria. As Bulgaria entered into EU from 2007 on, so many companies outsourced their production centers there. The delivery times are just a question of days. Furthermore, you can monitor the quality, as Bulgaria is an EU country and underlines the same quality directives as every other EU country.

I’ve heard that world famous fashion brands replace China, Bangladesh and Pakistan with Bulgaria. Its geographical position is important, as it influences the end price of the item. The Middle East currently faces many problems. China became an expensive destination, because that country is situated very far from Europe. The political situation in Bangladesh is very complicated. Moreover, the labor conditions in these countries have changed a lot.

The flexibility of the Bulgarian tailoring companies and the technological capabilities also help that country attract companies from Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, England and other countries.

According to official data, Bulgaria is the No 1 producer of clothes for the Greek market. Bulgaria practically serves all major European clients which are either online traders, or have their own retail chains. Over half of the items made in Bulgaria are sold in Italy, Germany and Greece.

 Oh really!?
That’s quite impressive.
But I have thought that the Bulgarian and Italian average salary are quite similar. Do you know any statistical numbers about the sector?

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No my dear, the end/sale prices of the items equal the ones in Italy. However, the average salary in Bulgaria is around EUR 200, whereas the one in Italy is three times higher. The latter holds good for some 120 thousand people employed in this sector. There are nearly 4 thousand small firms which employ up to 20 people each. However, the sector has marked an 18% increase in 2013 and the export has reached EUR 1.8 billion.

Oh great. But how can I proceed with the expansion? Unfortunately I do not know anybody there. I also either speak the local language not know the legislation and how to start?  

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I know the optimal partner for you. As an young and enthusiastic team of Bulgarians, who lived many years abroad, they know different cultures and are able to support and accompany you in your way to establishing your business there. Their name is B2B – Your Business to Bulgaria, a new branch of Torsion Motors Ltd. – a company for renewable energy. You can contact them through the contact form on the next page. They would be happy to help you in establishing your presence in Bulgaria and connect you with the right partner according to your demand.

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