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Cultural differences in business - We overcome them

Even the closely situated on the map countries have various cultural differences in business to be considered when working with foreign partners or expanding a business abroad. There are differences in communication (people of some cultures can be load, blunt and tend to interrupt others, while others are soft-spoken, patient and indirect). Concept of time and punctuality also vary from country to country.

That being said understanding the business ethics of your business partners is a great advantage and a key of good business relationships satisfying customer experiences. It significantly improves the communications, feedback and reoccurring revenues. With this in mind our company offers direct sales agent services providing full support in a local language with the idea to open doors to new markets you may not have direct access to. With our help it couldn’t be easier to find business partners in Bulgaria.

Our role

Our services enables you to find the right partner in Bulgaria for your business, business idea or one-off order. Just let us know what you need and we will design the path to success for you. Our company quickly and easily opens the door to the Eastern European supplier / manufacturer market, which at the same time offers attractive prices and European quality. You decide whether it is a one-time order, standing orders, support for trade fairs, etc. We accompany you on request until your orders are fulfilled. 

Intermediation services

You are looking for a particular goods, suppliers, producers or business partner in Bulgaria? Just let us know your ideas.

Marketing services

Knowing the Bulgarian business ethic norms and behavior and working with an established network in the marketing field, we could be your optimal partner in creating your presence in your new Eastern European “professional home”. Let’s start it together!

Project consulting services

We are happy to professionally assist and advice you on every issue regarding Bulgarian market and/or expanding your business in Bulgaria. The scope of our consulting services includes everything your business in Bulgaria could require – a jurisdiction, tax or regulatory query, a networking or a particular contact for a good supplier – let that be our task.

Project management services

We are willing to accompany you in every step you take to expand in/connect to Bulgaria. Just let us know your ideas.

Project execution services

After the perfect structured plan comes the perfect organized action. Let us do it together!

Expand your business with a peace of mind

Just let us know your business ideas and we will accompany you till its fulfillment!