New Markets

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Bulgaria – The ‘young’ Europeans
Since 2007 is Bulgaria a part of the European Union. As such, Bulgaria is ready to welcome you as a new partner or client and offer you attractive prices, jurisdiction and tax conditions to open your new market on its territory.

High Quality

Low Costs

EU Location

Tax Advantages

New markets means new partners

Knowing the local norms, culture and business ethics, the local partners play an essential role in approaching new markets in “the youngest” Europe. We approach local distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, producers and partners to work with you, according to your quarries.

The way to develop new markets
Finding the right partner in a new country without any network looks at first glance like “mission impossible”. Usually the most motivated, reliable and innovative partners are not listed in a catalogue or don’t have a presence on a website in English or other European language.

Our 'new markets' know-how

Our clients benefit from our network and references. We quickly identify the appropriate local partner that are needed to expand your business and enter the new markets. We research and introduce them to our clients for a final contact. Thanks our network, we present you only self-motivated, precise and experienced partners you wish to grow your business together with. And if you require more support on your way to develop new markets – we are very happy to accompany you on your way to success.

Looking to expand or for business partner in Eastern Europe?

Just let us know your business ideas and we will accompany you till its fulfillment!