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Our company was founded with the mission to introduce the European market to the Bulgarian and, if requested, to connect it. Whether it is a one-time delivery order, research, advice, translation, expanding your business, looking for the right property or land for a permanent stay is of no importance to us. We are there for you to expand your ideas in Bulgaria.

Business Culture

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A German CEO should be approached with facts and punctuality.
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A British CEO appreciates diplomacy.
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An Italian CEO would like to establish a direct relationship with you first.
Business partners in Bulgaria
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A Bulgarian CEO wishes to be approached by another Bulgarian - let that be us!



Clear and efficient communication removing the language barriers



Suitable approach in accordance to the local values and behavior



Good understanding of the business ethics

Good understanding of the local market is crucial for finding suitable business partners, maintaining good communication and improving the overall results reducing costs. This is exactly what we specialize in with the idea to open new doors for both Bulgarian and German businesses. Our local agents can help you find business partners in Bulgaria and assist with outsourcing services and support through the entire process.

Speaking the local language with deep understanding of both German and Bulgarian business ethics, we can support your business in any project and connect you direct suppliers your business may not have direct access to. 

What we do

Each and every country has it’s own business culture. The good understanding of the local culture, behavior and values is crucial for successful international business. Our sales agents speak the local language, understand the business culture and behavior and can be your ultimate partner ensuring your projects are running smoothly. 

Language skills and / or culture barriers are usually the prime reason for failed contact and expansion in Bulgaria. We will enable you to do this if we put you in touch with the right supplier or manufacturer. 

We will connect you according to your order / business idea with the corresponding manufacturer, supplier or business partner in Bulgaria, who will provide you with goods and services according to your request and who are interested in business relationships with German or general foreign companies.

Expand your business with a peace of mind

Just let us know your business ideas and we will accompany you till its fulfillment!

Bulgarian companies looking for partners

The number of Bulgarian companies that want to cooperate with German companies as manufacturers of innovative products is constantly increasing. Especially the general economic and financial crisis and now the corona crisis has led companies to look for new sales markets or to appear as subcontractors. Our service is there to help if there is ‘the bridge’ between your wishes and the right contractor.

You will see that the manufacturers and suppliers offer a very attractive price-performance ratio at European level than companies outside of the EU.

Why B2B

Reaching out foreign markets requires good knowledge of cultures and behavior. The B2B direct sales management provides full two-way support to research, connect and manage direct sales or other business projects. As your sales representative we will deal with all the communication, follow-ups and feedback, all done in local language improving the customer experience.

Looking to expand or for business partner in Eastern Europe?

Just let us know your business ideas and we will accompany you till its fulfillment!